GA 2016 – Lecture 9

Unification In this final set of slides  we complete the story of how conformal geometric algebra unifies many of the classical geometries, covering Euclidean, spherical, hyperbolic (non-Euclidean), projective and inversive geometries. Rotors are shown to generate rotations, translations and special … Continued

GA 2016 – Lecture 8

Conformal Geometric Algebra It is only fairly recently that we realised just how powerful the combination of conformal geometry and geometric algebra could be as a tool for understanding Euclidean geometry. The key ideas were introduced around 2000, and have led … Continued

GA 2016 – Lecture 7

Implementation In this lecture we discuss the practicalities of implementing geometric algebra in your own code. We start by looking at the various possibilities for data structures to encode a multivector, looking at the pros and cons of various solutions … Continued

Symbolic Algebra and GA

A number of different groups have produced implementations of Geometric Algebra in symbolic algebra packages. These include: A Mathematica notebook created by Terje Vold. Clifford Algebra with Mathematica, by  Aragon-Camarasa, et al. arXiv:0810.2412 A GA module for SymPy. SymPy is a … Continued