Complex Eigenvalues in Geometric Algebra

Introduction A less well-known features of Twitter is that, outside of all the angry shouting, occasionally an interesting mathematical discussion breaks out. One of these was started by asking the simple question `is there a geometric interpretation of complex eigenvalues?’. … Continued

Euclidean Geometry and Geometric Algebra

Image showing a motor orbit. Code available at If you prefer, you can download a PDF version of this article, slightly expanded with better typesetting. Introduction Geometric algebra is a very natural language for describing concepts in Euclidean geometry, … Continued

Symbolic Algebra and GA

A number of different groups have produced implementations of Geometric Algebra in symbolic algebra packages. These include: A Mathematica notebook created by Terje Vold. Clifford Algebra with Mathematica, by  Aragon-Camarasa, et al. arXiv:0810.2412 A GA module for SymPy. SymPy is a … Continued

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