2016 GA Course

The course from 2015 is being repeated in 2016 with some tweaks and improvements. The materials associated with the course are available from the course webpage.

2015 GA Course

The most up-to-date introduction to Geometric Algebra is provided in the series of lectures given as part of the 2015 introductory course on GA. The materials associated with that course are available from the course webpage.


Physical Applications of Geometric Algebra

For a number of years we ran a course entitled Physical Applications of Geometric Algebra for final-year physics undergraduates at Cambridge University. The resources for this course are available here and should form a reasonable basis for anyone creating their own course.

The material is provided free of any copyright obligations.

Some of the material is old and over time we will re-visit the source files and bring the pdf documents up to date.


Course materials


A number of implementations of geometric algebra are available. Some are listed on the Wikipedia entry. A separate blog discusses implementations in symbolic algebra packages such as Maple and Mathematica.